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Nov. 19-22 Dema Las Vegas

AD-HS-YS AD-HS-YS Will fit into any YS adapter that comes with your strobe or lights

AD-HS-YS This is a Sea and Sea stobe and a Fisheye Fix Neo video light,
there are many lights that come with a YS adapter, ie Intova


Allows you to attach your GoPro camera housing direct to your hotshoe


Polar Pro filters and lenses for your GoPro underwater housing

All glass filters in stock include:

Macro Lens for Gopro 3
Polarizer filter for GoPro 3
UW red filter for blue waters  For GoPro 3 & 3+
UW magenta filter for green waters  For GoPro 3 & 3+

All snap on and have a thin lanyard to tie it to your camera, housing tray etc.

$29.99 each

Red Filter
Improves underwater colors
For use from 10-75 feet
Perfect for Blue & Tropical Water Diving
Optical scratch resistant glass

GoPro red

Magenta Filter
Improves underwater colors
Reduces excess green
Perfect for fresh and green water diving
Optical scratch resistant glass

Marco Lens
Magnifying lens for stunning close-up photos/videos
Macro lens specifically engineered for the Hero 3 camera
Entire unit snaps on/off and macro lens swings open/closed
Allows you to focus when only 2 inches away from the subject

GoPro macro

Polarizer for glare reduction
Reduces glare off water/snow
Increases contrast
Captures crisp clean videos


New adapter for Underwater Kinetics Aqualite

Underwater Kinetics teamed up with Ultralight for
the design of their new Aqualite.

Adpater for this new light is: AD-AQ-UK


AD-HS - Hot Shoe Adapter

Fits a number of hot (cold) shoes on housings and ports i.e Nexus,
Sea and Sea, Olympus, Canon, Sealife, Nauticam, etc. for attachment
of a clamp and a spotting light adapter. Thumb screw tightens hotshoe down

Ultralight will not be responsible for any damage caused to hot shoes
as a result of using one of these adapters. No damage should occur under
normal circumstances, but if the camera is dropped or something heavy is
dropped on the light adapter, damage could result to the hot shoe




Tripod                                                                               TR-THC

                                                                                                                                                                 Tripod Head and clamp only so you can put other legs (arms)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       into it

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Part # TR-THC
                    -Tilt mechanism is a one handed operation
                    -Lockable Pan and Tilt
                    -Large knob for tightening the legs
                    -Extendable legs from 11-18" with non-slip sharp ends for use on hard surface
                    -Snap on balls for use in sandy muck diving situations
                    -One handed operation for extension of legs.

                                            Part #:  Tripod


      Mounting a SeaLife strobe to Ultralight trays, arms and handles: 

You will not be able to use the current tray or arm.  An Ultralight
tray, handle and arms and clamps will need to be purchased.

First you will need to remove the plastic flex arm from the strobe, see pictures below:


Then you attach a AD-1420-2 ball with a stud to this nut that you have exposed.
In addition you will need a TR-D tray, TR-DHB handle, 2 arm sections, and 3 clamps

Thank you to Peter Ulrich for the photos and help

Parts seen in the above video:  TR-DM tray, TR-DUPL, upgrade to make it a double tray, AC-H handle (2), DB-05 arm (4), AC-CS clamp (6), AD-SS strobe adapter (2)
(video was shot with a different tray than is recommended)

Want to attach your GoPro to our arm system??

Our new AD-GO gives you a mount on the GoPro's tripod mount.  The ball
is permanently mounted, so it will not spin off.  You will need the
fixing bolt from your GoPro camera and a ULCS clamp and
ball to use this ontop of your housing or camera

AD-GO                                 AD-GO

New Tray for GoPro housing - TR-GP

Allows for a handle or ball on one side, tripod hole, lanyard hole

TR-GO                                       TR-GO

Handle can be on the right or left.  Small ball on tray can be on either the right or left.
Any kind of light can be attached with one of our light saddles or light adapters


New adapter for Ikelite Pro V8 light

Remove the small plate that has two screws, remove the Ikelite piece, replace
with our AD-IKV adapter, replace the small plate and screws.

Check out this review of these arms:



Arm Length Amount of buoyancy per arm length
8" (DB-BL08) 4.5 oz
10" (DB-BL10) 8 oz
12" (DB-BL12) 11 oz
14" (DB-BL14 14.8 oz
16" (DB-BL16) 1 pound 2 oz.


With two arm lengths, 1 AC-CSB, 2 AC-CSF, and 1 strobe adapter and 1 base adapter these are the calculations:
You will need to add in the weight of your strobes underwater to these calculations to get you to the buoyancy you need.

Arm lengths Amount of Buoyancy with parts listed above
Two 8" neutral
8" & 10" 1.75 oz
Two 10" 7 oz
10" & 12" 8.3 oz
Two 12" 11.2 oz
12" & 14" 15 oz.
Two 14" 1 pound 3 oz
14" & 16"
1 pound 6 oz
Two 16" 1 pound 9 oz.

The new style clamp (AC-CSB) is needed to put between the two new arms if you want the arms to come together.
This clamp weighs 1.3 oz more than the regular clamp.

Salt water is approximately 1.026X more dense than fresh water.
All these tests were done in fresh water

Shows the size difference between the original buoyancy arms
and the new ones and the old clamp and the new clamp

Sea and Sea TTL converter bracket,
allowing you to attach it to a Subal housing - AC-SSC

for TTL converter I, II, III

(Please specify which TTL unit you have)


For owners of the Inon Dbase plate and Mount base

Ultralight's digital tray will work with this part. These mount bases have two thumb screws that hold
their separate pieces together.
There are two pieces, the base plate that ties into the tray and the cameras 1/4-20 foot, and the
collar that goes around the lens port.
The rear thumb screw of the two that come with the dbase can be removed.

You will need to change the thick washer in the TR-D bolt and replace it with a thinner washer.


We are no longer carrying this battery tester. They are available from many places on the internet
including Amazon.com

Multi-Battery Tester

This small 3 oz battery tester tests your batteries under load.

It computes the remaining power capacity using a 2-second pulse load test.

You'll have the confidence of knowing if your charging in a foreign country has charged your batteries to
full capacity or how much power is left in your alkaline batteries.

Will test AA, AAA, C, D, NIMH or NiCad, alkaline, and 3 v photo lithium, or 9v
Runs on 4 AAA batteries. This is a must have for your tool box at home or abroad.



Use the TR-DUP on the right side, the block piece can be used with the longer screws supplied or taken out
and the upgrade piece attached with the shorter screws.  The block allows the right side to step down in case
your hand hits the tray when holding onto the camera and you would prefer it doesn't.

Olympus PT-015 housing with the CP-OLY attached

Pivots allow you to go from horizontal to vertical with a push of a button, no need to change the position
of your strobes.  Get that great vertical shot you see on magazine covers.

The Olympus PT-EP01, PT-020 and PT-023 work on our CP-OLY80 pivot, many of the polycarbonate

housings will work on our CP pivots, please call to check on your housing.

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