DEMA - Orlando, FL - Nov. 1-4

BTS - Secaucus NJ - March 23-25

Scuba Show - Long Beach May - June 23-24


arm outline


The first stick with a comfortable handle. This Eco-stick makes it easier to hold and place in a dead spot on the sand.

There is a threaded hole on one end that allows the addition of our BA-HB ball, so then you can add a clamp
and an action camera or other smaller camera to it. 
You may also add your favorite lanyard to the through hole in the other side.

 T Handle Eco stick       T Handleactioncam

New Trays for the Lenzo IPhone 6 housings.                        

  • TR-LE - Single tray can be mounted on the right or the left

Lenzoleftsm                    lenzoRightsm

  • TR-LD - Double tray, handles are the TR-DHB            BA-AQNL - Adapter for Lenzo housing

double tray1                     lenzoBA AQNLsm

  • TR-LE+ - Single tray for 6+ & 7+ housings                                                               TR-LD+ - Double tray for 6+ & 7+

TR LEweb                 TR LDweb


Snoots                       Snoots4                  Snoots3

The Light Shaping Device is made for your underwater flash.
The Light Shaping Device (LSD) works like a projector which takes light from your flash and pilot light to create a beam with a sharp image at the focus distance. The LSD uses elements like a lens, mask and a diffuser to generate the light beam.

Please go to the accessory page for more information our accessories page.

arm outline


Sue Drafahl requested we modify our AC-CSF clamps. Cut outs were made in the lower half of the clamp to allow the photographer to move the arm segment in almost any position.


To see Jacks triple clamps see the clamp page.

arm outline