Universal Adapters for Base or Strobe Use

These adapters are all the same, they just have different size threaded holes in them. These threads will take a stud or bolt. Always specify your specific use when inquiring about universal adapters.


  • AD-3816 Female, for use on Ikelite handles
  • AD-3816-2B For use on Ultralight Trays or any 3/8 hole, comes with a bolt and washers
  • AD-3816-2S Comes with a male stud that is loc tited in.
  • AD-1420 - Female for tripods (Gorilla pods) 
  • AD-1420-2B Comes with a bolt and washers for that size hole.
  • AD-1420-2S Comes with a stud for Sartek lights and Gates Housings. This stud is loc tited in.
  • AD-1420-IK For adding a spotting light to the newer Ikelite housings with a threaded hole. (second from left)
  • AD-6mm - With a stud for use on Subal housings for spotting light (specify specific housing)
  • AD-8mm - With a stud used for most European strobes with 8mm threads
  • BA-HB - Ball with hole down center for 1/4-20 bolts or 6mm bolts
  • AD-MOD - Ball with hole down center for 10/32 size bolts and 5mm bolts

If you don't see your application or size listed, we can likely supply it. Specify female threads or the type of male threads you need. (i.e. bolt or stud and the length needed). These adapters can be used as base adapters on trays, strobe adapters or adapters for anything that needs a ball at the end.

BA-HB - Hole down the middle allows for 1/4-20 bolt with a lock washer under the head of the bolt. 
This adapter can be used any place you have a 1/4-20 threaded hole.
Can be supplied with different length bolts.