T HandleactioncamsmT Handle Eco sticksmT-Stick

The first stick with a comfortable handle. This Eco-stick makes it easier to hold and place in a dead spot on the sand. There is a threaded hole on one end that allows the addition of our BA-HB ball, so then you can add a clamp and an action camera or other smaller camera to it. You may also add your favorite lanyard to the through hole in the other side.

Retra Underwater Technology LSD - SNOOTS

Snoots on alll Snoots with masks Snoot light path Snoot

It's easy to use even on your first dive!

By turning on the spotting light you can see accurately how the image will appear before you press the shutter button. This way you can quickly find the right position for your LSD and start shooting.

The LSD is future-proof.

If you change your flash, you only change the mounting module. Every LSD is made from two modules: the optical tube and the mounting module. They are connected via four screws which makes the mounting module exchangeable.

Inon (Z-240, D2000)
Ikelite (DS125/160/161, DS200)
Sea&Sea (YS110, YS250, YS-D1, YS-D2)
Subtronic (Alpha, Nova, Mega, 160 pro)
Seacam (SF100, SF150, SF250)

Write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to order yours. Lead time 2 weeks.

snoot photo Snoot photo2
Photos by Dave Reid

Pan and Tilt Tripod

  • Tilt mechanism is a one handed operation
  • Lockable Pan and Tilt
  • Large knob for tightening the legs
  • Extendable legs from 11-18" with non-slip sharp ends for use on hard surface
  • Snap on balls for use in sandy muck diving situations
  • One handed operation for extension of legs
  • Weighs 2.4 pounds

Part #: Tripod



Tripod Head and clamp only so you can put other legs (arms) into it

Part # TR-THC


Neck Ball Adapter AC-NB

Will fit on any one of our parts on the neck under the ball. (Sorry will not work on the arms and adapters that Ikelite makes.)





Flash Light Brackets

The AC-FB is used on housing handles to give an extra point for another ball. The AD-1420-2 ball goes on one end and the other end fits under a BA-AQW, BA-TP or BA-DB. If this is your purpose ask for longer screws for one of the above base adapers.

The BA-FB is used for Equinox housings, the larger hole (3/8-16) goes on the handle of the housing and the AD-1420-2 goes on the other end as the base for your arm.

The BA-FBd is utilized on the TR-DHB handle, either end goes under the ball and the AD-1420-2 will go on the other end. The AC-SPL can also be attached to the end of this bracket

Universal Spotting Light adapters


AC-USLm - Mini universal spotting light adpater for use with a two “AA” flashlight. (shown with UK mini Q 40)   AC-USLm - Universal spotting light adapter mini (left) AC-USL Universal spotting light adapter for lights with  4 or 8 "AA" batteries.  Works with the Ikelite PC, PCa,PCm and PC Series 2nd Gen   AC-TOSH for "D" cell flashlights or similiar lights up to 1.5" in diameter
AC-USLXL will take flashlights or lights up to 2" in diameter

The two rubber pieces that come with each of the adapters should be placed around the part of the light in the saddle, then tighten the velcro strap over the light. 


Light adapter for use with two UKmini Q-40’s flashlights


AD HS newsmAD-HS

Fits a number of hot (cold) shoes on housings and ports i.e Nexus, Sea and Sea, Olympus, Canon, Sealife, Nauticam, etc. for attachment of a clamp and a spotting light adapter. The thumb screw tightens hotshoe down.

Ultralight will not be responsible for any damage caused to hot shoes as a result of using one of these adapters. No damage should occur under normal circumstances, but if the camera is dropped or something heavy is dropped on the light adapter, damage could result to the hot shoe. Over tightening thumb screw may result in breakage to the plate; but hopefully sparing your hot shoe. Do not over tighten as we will not guarantee a broken shoe.




Hardware to fit into one of the triangles of the ULCS arm, giving you a ball in the middle of your arm.  AD-1420 ball screws onto this hardware.



AD-HS-YS - Will fit into any YS adapter that comes with your strobe or lights

This is a Sea and Sea stobe and a Fisheye Fix Neo video light, there are many lights that come with a YS adapter.