GoPro Accessories


Allows you to attach your GoPro camera housing direct to the hotshoe on your UW housing or port

(slide on hotshoe (coldshoe) and tighten with the nurled knob)

Pistol Grip Set

Pistol gripConsists of:  (1) TR-DH handle, (1) AD-1420 female), (1) AC-CS, (1) GoPro tripod mount (light and camera
are not included.  The GoPro has the ability to photograph upside down in its software. When ordering
please order "Pistol Grip" then you will get all necessary hardware required.

If you are making this up from your parts at home: Put the AD-1420 on the stud sticking out of the bottom of handle which
now becomes the top of the handle, use the enclosed stud to go between the tripod mount and the now bottom of the handle.
Recommend loc tite glue it in or use super glue.


Ultralight has new trays and a handle to allow topside or underwater
photographers to mount the camera.  It can be mounted on the a tray with a handle. 
Then a light can be mounted to the handle if required.

Single tray is TR-GP (comes with the tripod mount). The handle is TR-DHB, ordered separately


Need a double tray for your GoPro?


TR-GPD is the double tray, includes the tripod mount.
The handles are TR-DHB and have to be ordered separately.

TR-3D-GP       Tray for your 3D GoPro housing, You may add two handles and one or two lights.
                                                                                       Tray comes with thetripod mount. Product code is: TR-GP-3D   

Want to attach your GoPro to a SLR camera?

Our new AD-GO gives you a ball mount on the GoPro's tripod mount. 
The ball is permanently mounted, so it will not spin off.  
You will need the fixing bolt from your GoPro camera and a ULCS clamp and
ball on the top of your housing.

                        AD-GO                                     AD-GO                                  AD-GO

                                                                                                                                              This long clamp, the AC-CSL gets
                                                                                                                                               the camera out further.


We have a solution to not using the tabs to connect your GoPro.   Want to put
your GoPro on a pole cam to bait the sharks??  We now have a cage
to go over the housing, allowing you to put a ball on it without having to use
the plastic tab pieces at the bottom. 


                 GP-Cage      Cage to go over a GoPro Hero1, 2, 3, 3+ with a regular back
Part #: GP-Cage    


       GP-Cage Cage to go over a GoPro Hero 1, 2, 3, 3+ with a LCD Back or battery back pac

Part #: GP-Cage LCD/Batt

The LCD/Batt cages have the ability to have 3 balls attached to it or position the one ball in 3 spots.


Cage for the 3D housing
                         GP-3d-Cage   Part #:  GP-3D-Cage



For those who want to have a permanent mount to their jet ski, motorcycle or mountain bike,
you can use our BA-AQ either wide or narrow, supplied with 2 1/4-20 screws.


Then you would use a clamp to mount the BA-AQ to the cage or AD-GO

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